Evox Voice Remapping


Evox Voice Remapping

Evox Voice Remapping Session

Each of us has emotional baggage. Chronic emotional baggage dissipates our energy and saps our creativity. Each of us has only a certain amount of energy that fuels our spirit. If a large percentage of that energy is directed toward emotional baggage, then only a small percentage of energy will be available for other pursuits. We lose energy and we lose creativity. We aren’t able to live life to its fullest potential.

EVOX helps one release from the past so they can live more fully in the present. It helps negative feelings to recede and helps one to feel more loving, powerful, peaceful and whole. It helps one move forward into the future with optimism and hope.

EVOX is a computer-based system that maps the subtle qualities of the human voice, and provides the significant frequencies for re-patterning. Emotional issues are addressed easily in a stress-free environment which allows you to release negative patterns (i.e., depression, anger, sadness, grief, fears, phobias). These frequencies are then presented to the body to facilitate the subconscious adjustment. This process unburdens the mind body through a remapping process allowing the patient to quickly experience emotional healing.


EVOX is designed to listen to the subtle qualities of spoken voice and display them into what is called a voice map. Significant frequencies are selected and then presented to the body together with light and sound. This multi-sensory communication facilitates the subconscious adjustment that is often described as ‘unburdening’. This process is called voice remapping.

Each EVOX session includes one to six rounds. A round consists of a new voice map and three to ten minutes of balancing. Through this progression of rounds, the body balances its emotional stress points. This shift is reflected in the voice.

If you’d like to get face-to-face with your unconscious mind and really get to the root of what is running your life then EVOX is for you.