Euro Body Shaper

The Euro Body Shaper is the hottest and latest technology in fitness. It is proving to be one of the most beneficial pieces of fitness equipment that gives you many positive results.

Euro Body Shapers

Euro Body Shapers

The Euro Body Shaper provides relaxation and generates vibration in the plate base that is transferred through your whole body.

Vibration exercise fitness has been on the rise for the past 10 years. More professional sports athletes and celebrities have adopted the whole body vibration workout as a part of their regular daily routines. Men and women, young and old have embraced whole body vibration and have had amazing positive results.

The Euro Body Shaper gives you the equivalent of a four mile jog without any impact on your joints, and in just 10 minutes! This machine will help increase your bone density, seratonin, blood circulation, muscle mass and endurance. It will also help clean your lympatic system, decrease fat and cellulite, decrease cortisol and improve your balance all while burning up to 250 calories!